Wellington Touch Association proudly promotes AWHI - a kaupapa launched by Touch NZ, inspired by values fundamental to the E Tū Whānau movement.

AWHI is a kaupapa, focused on the positive support of our players, referees, coaches, managers, administrators and all personnel involved with our game of TOUCH.

The AWHI Promise is that we will uphold the following values:

  • Respect all players, referees, coaches, managers and supporters
  • Celebrate the fact that we have the opportunity to watch our loved ones enjoy themselves
  • Keep all negative communication and actions away from our environment
  • Cheer the efforts of all players including the opposition because they’re doing their best
  • Support the coaches and managers for them giving up their time for the players
  • Show all other sports that our supporters know the meaning of AWHI, to love and support everyone involved with our sport of TOUCH, more than just a game!

Download AWHI Promise